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Resume of Venkat Venkatasamy


  • 9 years as a full time employee of Manhattan Associates in various roles such as project manager, technical project manager, development manager, design lead functional expert, technology architect and developer.
  • 12+ years of overall technical/functional experience in various Manhattan Associates Supply Chain products such as WMOS, WMiS, DOM, Integration Framework, TMS and Labor Management.
  • 4 years of experience with SCPP architecture (formerly LEMA) based products – DOM, webMethods based Manhattan Integration Framework (MIF), TMS and Yard Management (Integrated Load Management).
  • 2 years experience in Labor Management (LM).
  • Adept in Order Management functionality in both WMiS (Order Router) and SCPP based DOM.
  • Expert project manager with full life cycle project delivery of initial analyses/assessment, project scope, specifications/requirements, project development, team/change management, testing, roll-out, and customer support.
  • Worked as the Technical Project Manager for all the 7 Manhattan Associates ILS products in multiple technologies implemented at the leading retailer in Chile – D&S.
  • Worked as the functional consultant for the Manhattan’s DOM implementation at David’s Bridal.
  • Designed and coded various modules like XML parsing, IBM MQ Series interface, HTTP/HTTP(S) interface and Communication architecture.
  • Designed and led various efforts like standard MHE interface with Siemens Dematic and voice interface with Vocollect in the iSeries WM product.
  • Designed and led the development effort of Sarbanes Oxley compliance in the Manhattan Associates WM product line.
  • Lead architect in the conversion of iSeries WM from the language RPG III to RPG IV in 2000, WMiS GUI conversion using JWalk in 2000.
  • Experienced in both IBM iSeries legacy and J2EE technologies.
  • Extensive use of LoadRunner for volume testing. Benchmarking MA WM using LoadRunner 8.0 at IBM Benchmarking Center, Rochester, MN.
  • MBA from Georgia State University in IT Project management with supply chain focus.


WM iSeries Projects (Dec’10 to Current) – WM iSeries
- Worked as design lead and techno-functional consultant for various WM iSeries projects for clients:
  Exel-Think Geek, COTY, Essilor, Skechers, Feld Inc, Amerisource Bergan, Rocky Brands, Hibbett Sporting Goods, Exel – Groupon, Performance Bicycles and Godiva Chocolatiers .
- Designed and developed various modules across the entire WM/DOM functionality such as MHE, inbound, outbound, wave and integration, MA DOM (Distributed Order Management) design/configuration/integration.
Harbor Freight and Tools (Feb’11 to Oct’11) – POS, WMOS-2011 (SCPP) integration.
- eWorked as the design lead, in charge of the following activities
- Designed the integration between the WMOS 2011 (SCPP), host systems and corporate wide Point Of Sale (EPICOR) systems.
- Used various technologies such as web services and MQ Broker to integrate legacy systems with the state of the art JEE systems.
- Designed MA DOM (Distributed Order Management) system implementation and integration.
Simon & Schuster – Phase II (Jan’11 to Apr’11) – LM
- Designed and developed Labor Management interface with their time entry system.
VF - Vanity Fair – Phase II (Dec Oct’09 to Apr’10) – LM and PM
- Updated LM configuration for the new pick & pass MHE process and floor layout changes
- Developing new crystal reports and converting existing ones in Performance Management (PM).
Lennox (From Sep to Oct’09) – WMOS/Integration Consultant
- Functional/technical consultant for WMOS 2007R1 implementation.
- Designed and configured WMOS.
- Supporting the client on LM/TMS/IFW design.
Simon & Schuster (From Jan’09 to Mar’09) – WMOS Consultant
- Working as a functional consultant for the MHE and Work Order processing in their WMOS-2006R1 version.
- Redesigned and tested their interface to Work Order processing.
VF - Vanity Fair (From Oct’08 to Jun’09) – LM and Interface Consultant
- Installed and configured Labor Management to work with WM.
- Designed and tested LM to suite to the business needs of the client.
- Designed and made the code changes to the SAP interface during the WM upgrade to 2008R1.
- Designed, coded and converted 50+ crystal reports from lower release to higher release in Performance Management (PM).
Starbucks-Exel, Seattle (From Oct’07 to Sep’08 & Jan’09 to Jun’09) – WM Design/Technical leads
Starbucks opens up 44 warehouses (2 National DCs + 5 Regional DCs + 37 Cross Dock DCs) across the country to serve its 20,000+ customer base. The first NDC/RDC is opened up in Seattle.
  1. Design lead – designed the entire Manhattan iSeries WM functional flow, mods and the interface to SC3 TMS.
  2. Technical lead- Having 3 programmers working for me to develop the mods and fix the technical issues.
  3. Highlights of the WM design: Flow of materials and orders through the 3 levels of DCs nationwide, lot tracking and recall functionality, major/minor pickticket creation, yard management, servicing different order requirements of Starbucks’ company owned stores, licensed stores, food service, and grocery.
Restoration Hardware, San Francisco (From Nov’07 to current date – part time only) – Interface consultant
RH is using Manhattan’s iSeries WM and DOM and interfacing them with their host system and another existing WM - KCS.
  1. 1. Working as a technical analyst – troubleshooting and configuring MA’s DOM, integration layer and WM for the interfaces. Designed and coded a stand alone Java/Oracle based interface for RH that handles XSLT transforms and MQ, JDBC and ejb modes of communication.
Exel-ToysRUs.COM, Columbus, OH and Alberta Gaming and Liquor Corporation, Edmonton, Canada (From Aug’07 to Sep’07) – Go live support.
These two projects are done by Exel logistics, Columbus OH. My involvement with these 2 projects was during the go live phase to provide additional technical and functional support to the implementation team.
- AGLC has 6 warehouses transferring materials from 5 warehouses to the main warehouse. I was helping in the Voice picking, outbound loading and inventory issues between WM and JDE.
- was going live with a new picking tower. I was helping to resolve the technical issues before they went live.


D&S, Chile (From Sep 2006 to July 2007) - Functional Architect & Technical Project Manager
D&S implements 7 Manhattan Associates products – WMiS, DOM, TPM-W, IL, LM, Slotting & Performance Management.
  • As functional architect of the supply chain execution system which includes WMiS, DOM, TPM-W & IL, led and mentored the functional consultants in all the four products.
  • Completed the detailed functional design of the integration of WMiS, DOM and TPM-W with the host using Manhattan’s IL, which is based on XMLs, MQ Series & JDBC.
  • Led the WMiS functional design with Vocollect – voice picking.
  • Designed the Order Management strategy in a very complex environment using Manhattan’s DOM.
  • Planned and led the testing effort of DOM, WMiS and JDA replenishment system.
  • Working as the Technical Project Manager of all the 7 products, which run in 4 different architectures in iSeries, J2EE, Windows (VB), Java/ASP platforms. Various languages and technologies like i5OS, RPG,
  • CL, XML, Java, J2EE, Oracle, LDAP, AIX, IBM MQ Series, WebSphere and webMethods are used in the implementation.
  • Point of contact with the client project manager for all functional and technical correspondence.
David’s Bridal, Philadelphia, PA (From July 2006 to Aug 2006) - DOM functional consultant
  • Designed and led the testing effort of the integration of DOM and WMiS using IL.
  • Developed and enhanced WMiS, DOM, TPM and Integration Layer. Directing project members as the lead functional consultant/developer of all the products.
  • Led high talent team of technical developers and mentored WM and DOM functional consultants.
Ventura Foods (June 2006) – TMS - Lead technical Analyst
Ventura Foods Implemented J2EE based LEMA TMS.
  • Supported the technical project manager in the issues resolution, troubleshooting and configuration of the TMS (TP&E).
Labor Management projects (From Apr 2006 to June 2006) - Lead Technical Analyst
  • Managed labor management projects for different clients including Border’s and Staples encompassing minor enhancements.
  • Responsible for issues resolution efforts and mentoring the functional consultants in the WM and Labor Management interface.
BJ’s Wholesale Club (From Nov 2005 to Mar 2006) - TMS Senior Analyst
BJ’s implemented LEMA based TMS - Yard Management (known as Integrated Load Management) product.
  • Involved in the design and development of the integration between TMS and WM-OS.
  • Mentoring the functional consultants with the WMS functionality.
  • Worked on the issues resolution and customization of the TMS product in the implementation.
WMiS R&D V2006R1 Sarbanes Oxley Compliance - Project Manager/WM Functional Expert
  • Satisfied many Manhattan WM clients’ needs to implement SOX compliance in auditing processes. Requiring over 400 man-days of work in the WM iSeries product to make it SOX compliant.
  • As a project manager and WM functional expert, collected the requirement of the SOX compliance, designed the changes and led the development effort with the on site and overseas team members.
Additional voice interface with Vocollect - Functional Designer
  • Designed and led the development effort of Voice interface with Manhattan’s partner – Vocollect in 2004R1 release.
  • In 2006R1 release, designed and led the effort to voice enable more functional areas like putaway, replenishment and reserve to reserve movements. (The total development effort was over 250 man days.)
Socket Multiplexer - Functional Designer
  • Designed and coded an iSeries based complex socket multiplexer for the voice interface to support virtually any number of Vocollect TalkMan terminals.
HP (formerly Mercury) LoadRunner V8.0 scripting/testing – Technical lead/QA support.
  • Benchmarking MA WM at IBM Benchmarking Center, Rochester, MN.
  1. Worked for 4 months in designing about 30 LoadRunner scenarios.
  2. Wrote LoadRunner .c scripts for the 30 scenarios and created the datasets.
  3. Unit tested them locally in MA with multiple VUsers.
  4. Benchmarked the 30 scenarios in 4 different iSeries machine configurations with 10 – 2,000 VUsers at IBM Benchmarking Center, Rochester, MN. Simulated real time warehouse environment.
  5. This was done with 1-10 load generator hosts. Monitored and controlled all the VUsers in the controller
  • Installed and configured LoadRunner V8.0 in MA for internal use.
  • Designed and coded the .c scripts for internal MA use for WMiS 2004R2.
WMiS R&D V2004R2 Order consolidation - Functional Designer/Project Manager
  • Designed and led the development team of 4 people in WM order consolidation, a process of grouping cartons of similar attributes like ship via and customer number together for efficient shipping, requiring a very complex order consolidation engine.
WMiS R&D V2004R1 Siemens Dematic standard MHE interface - Functional Designer/Developer/Project Manager
  • For 2004R1 release, created standard MHE interface with Siemens Dematic’s (formerly Rapistan) Order Management System (OMS) for Conveyor, Pick to light, Put to light and Sorter interfaces.
  • As a manager, designed and led this development effort of over 500 man days, requiring both technical and functional skills due to impact across all the WM functional areas.
Vocollect voice interface - Functional Designer/Development Manager
  • Designed and led the development effort of voice enabling picking and put to store operations in WmiS, requiring working knowledge of the Vocollect TalkMan terminal communication architecture to achieve this goal. (The total development effort was over 200 man days.)
WMiS R&D V2003R1, V2002R1 & V2001R2 Work Load Management (WLM) - Functional Designer/Development Lead
  • Contributed to design and development of WLM, designed to monitor pending and completed workload in various areas of a warehouse by calculating the work to be completed for each labor groups and to help the supervisor to balance the labor force. Also has a standard interface with Manhattan’s Daily Workforce Planner (DWP). This required a strong understanding of all the areas of WM,
Transportation Execution (TE) interface - Senior Analyst, 2001R2 WM Interface to TE
  • Part of the team that developed the WM interface to TE, a module Manhattan acquired through Intrepa.
  • Developed a standard interface to Intrepa’s TE product, which handles all the WM shipping needs like load planning, parcel, LTL and rate shopping.
  • WMiS R&D V2001R1 - Architect/Lead Analyst/Developer
    XML support
    • Designed and developed WM XML support to the host and other internal systems like TPM and Billing Management using IBM C++ parser running on iSeries platform.
    • Participated as point of contact with IBM in the process of pushing the required changes in the IBM’s XML parser in iSeries platform.
    MQ Series interface
    • Designed and developed the MQ Series interface in the WM iSeries product to interface with the host and MHE systems.
    HTTP/HTTPS interface
    • Designed and developed the HTTP and HTTPS support in the WM iSeries product to interface with host, requiring a thorough understanding of cryptographic software with support for public/private key encryption.
    Language conversion from RPG III to ILE RPG
    • Guided the conversion of millions of RPG III code to ILE RPG (Integrated Language Environment RPG) code using 3rd party and in house tools.
    • Designed the ILE architecture for the entire iSeries WM product.
    Other expertise/skillset with Manhattan Associates products/processes
    • Strong WM functional skills in all areas including receiving, putaway, wave, allocation, pick/pack, parcel/LTL execution, shipping, cycle count, yard management, tasking, order router (PkAllocate), MHE interface and communication architecture.
    • WM iSeries product packaging and licensing management.
    • A thorough understanding of the capabilities of many other products like Labor Management, Slotting, Billing Module (for 3PL billing), Performance Management, TPM and RF-ID.
    • A good understanding of Product development, release and implementation strategy.


Consultant in the IBM AS/400 and mainframe technologies in the company’s insurance product line.


  • IBM iSeries platform: RPG IV, RPG III, CL, System Administration
  • JEE skills: Java (Sun Certified Java Programmer), JSP, Servlets and EJB
  • Databases: Oracle, DB2 UDB in iSeries and SQL Server (limited exposure)
  • Containers/Integration software: webMethods, WebSphere, WebLogic, and MQ Series
  • Testing Tools: LoadRunner
  • Others: AIX, C, IBM mainframe


Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA
MBA, IT Project Management with Supply Chain focus, (Dec-2009)
Government College of Engineering
Salem, University of Madras, India
Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering, 1996


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